• 1) How can I come to Status Club?

    Our club is located in Kardamena on Kos Island. Kardamena is a small tourist resort in which everybody knows all the whereabouts. All the people know where we are and who we are. That's a fact! Although if you really don't want to rely on asking anyone for directions, you can take the road from the harbor leading north of the city and eventually you will find us. It's easy!

    2) Which times and days are you open?

    We are open 7 days a week every night! The program starts from 00:00hrs and ends until everyone has left the building!

    3) When is your opening day?

    We open our doors mid May and continue through to the end of September.

    4) I'm under 18 years old, am I allowed to enter the club?

    People under 18 years old are not allowed to enter the club by the Law

    5) Do I need an invitation for the events?

    Our crew is roaming the roads of Kardamena and the city of Kos every time we plan to make an event. Especially in Kardamena you can't miss them! Although everyone is invited to our events, you don't have to get an invitation to come. The ones that get an invitation have the advantage of receiving certain items that may be nice to have on different events, such as t-shirts or body paint to glow on black lights!

    6) When can I get discount or free passes?

    There are three ways, you can go to 'The Pub' which can be found at the taxi rank and works closely with Status club, find a Status PR they'll be wearing T-shirts and be dotted about the resort or check out one of the affiliated bars on bar street and the sea front.

    7) Do you have any famous DJ's?

    We do have some events planned this year but nothing that can be confirmed yet so keep your eyes on our facebook events and the news and events section of this website.

    8) Can I buy a Status T-shirt?

    Yes our T-shirts are available for sale from the club, our PR's or 'The Pub'