• It takes a few carefully selected teams to rock Status night club and they are as follows.

    The Promo Team: Look out about Kardamena for the infamous Status boys and girls. They'll be on the beach, round the pools and in the bars. They will always have up to the beat news on what's on in the club every night. They also have passes with some of the best offers on entrance'

    The Bar Staff: Our fit and fast experienced Bar tender team include Greek and English speaking guys and girls. They know how to have fun at work and seriously add to the clubs vibe.

    The Security: A very carefully selected and qualified security crew keep you safe without being intimidating or violent. If you cross the line then you will be removed from the club it's as simple as that. Nothing more nothing less. P.S. look out for the WWF look-a-like.

    The D.J. residents: Our Music men are some of the finest. We have Jaye Walker and DJ Dubwar both are masters in playing to the crowd and the two of them bringing their two contrasting styles together gives each night a unique freshness.

    Plus new for 2010 we are looking to add a 3rd master mixer to the this space.