News & Events

  • GLOW

    •    Magical UV bubbles fill the air above before floating on to the dance floor where they splash their water based none staining fluid over everything in sight.
    •    The Glow Lamps transform the club into a neon wonderland of true amazement.
    •    Bring along your neon nu rave gear or hit Kardamena Fancy Dress Shop (prices start at around 3euro). Fear not if neon’s are not your colour white is just as effective.
    •    Professional face painters offer a free face painting service with specially sourced water based body paint. This is available either in the club or on Bar Street.

  • Dj Nights

    •    We research for months gathering feedback to find exactly the right DJ’s
    •    Our main aim is to find commercial crowd pleasers who won’t empty your pockets
    •    Last year we didn’t disappoint with world class DJ’s like ‘Dave Pearce’ presented by ‘Trinity’ packing out some of the summers wildest sellout events.

    Tickets and Information are always available from The Pub or from the Status Crew who will be around the resort all of the time.